Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first CITIZEN watch

We are delighted to celebrate this significant milestone with innovative new models which pave the way for the next 100 years. In addition, a new edition of the first pocket watch will be launched in Autumn / Winter 2024.

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Even as we celebrate the past, we also look forward to the future. From the very beginning, Citizen has worked to fulfill this philosophy: “Better Starts Now.”

The first watch in 1924 to carry the name “Citizen” was a pocket watch,  created by the Shokosha Watch Research Institute. This Institute had been founded to develop key technical skills necessary to create watches for the Japanese market. The mayor of Tokyo at that time, Shinpei Goto, suggested using the brand "Citizen". He was hopeful that watches - at the time an expensive luxury that only a small number of people could afford - would one day be produced for all Japanese citizens and later for the whole world.


CITIZEN is permanently working on new technologies and materials to improve the quality of our watches. The durability of the materials is especially important to us in order to save resources.  We are focusing more and more on sustainably produced materials. Our Eco-Drive technology saves a lot of resources, as there is no need to change batteries regularly, so you make a daily statement about protecting the environment.

"Citizen takes seriously its obligation to deliver the finest watches possible, integrating the best technology and design, and also its obligation to ensure that its processes represent deep respect for nature and for the beauty of the natural world."

- Jack Forster -

Anniversary novelties

In celebration of the 100th anniversary, CITIZEN is launching two special watch models with textured color dials inspired by the geological layers of rock and minerals that have shaped our planet over millions of years. The new models are limited editions.



We are celebrating our 100th anniversary

On the occasion of our centenary, we would like to take this opportunity to ro renew our commitment to watchmaking as a technical achievement, craft and art, giving us endless possibilities for self-expression. We hope in the coming years to achieve new milestones, which will illustrate that with determination and imagination there is no limit to how far watchmaking can evolve. Working tirelessly to offer better watches, for generations to come, to meet the ever-changing needs of citizens of the future.

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