40 years of Eco-Drive

In 1976, CITIZEN developed the world's first analog, light-powered watch. We called the technology Eco-Drive. With Eco-Drive, our watches generate power even in dim lighting and run for months in the dark. We created watches with multi-functions; watches that are smaller, thinner and more beautiful; watches that everyone can relate to, even love. As a pioneer in lighting technology, we continue to explore new possibilities for the future of the wristwatch, making watches that inspire people everywhere.


What is Eco-Drive ?

Eco-Drive is a core technology from CITIZEN that generates power even in dim light and allows watches to run for over six months* even in the dark.

  • No need to change batteries
    Eco-Drive eliminates the hassle and expense of changing batteries regularly.
  • Generates energy even in dim light
    Eco-Drive generates energy not only in sunlight, but also in indoor light. No need to worry about your clock ever stopping.
  • Runs for over six months in the dark.
    One full charge is enough to keep most Eco-Drive models running in the dark for more than six months*. Some models have a runtime of 10 years.
    Some models have a runtime of less than six months.


Approximately 4 million Eco-Drive watches are sold each year. This means that every year we save 4 million batteries that would otherwise have to be disposed of. Assuming that a battery is about 2.1 mm high , all these batteries create a tower 8,400 m high - almost as high as Mount Everest. In this way, we reduce a whole lot of waste and use natural energy instead.


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